Notice of rainy Solaris and outbreak of new coronavirus infection.



Yesterday, a member of the rainy Solaris was found to be positive for the new coronavirus as a result of PCR tests.

Therefore, the scheduled release events on July 30th (Friday) and July 31st (Saturday) will be canceled, and the rainy Solaris activities will be suspended for the time being.

We will inform you of the schedule for resuming activities under the direction of medical institutions and health centers.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to the fans and related parties who were looking forward to the event.

Thank you for your understanding and understanding.

In addition, it is said that those who participated in the latest event will not be close contacts under the guidance of the health center, but those who have symptoms such as fever or who are uneasy will have jurisdiction over the area where they live. Please consult with a health center or consultation center.


Consultation / medical information and contact information for consultation / consultation center regarding new coronavirus

We will continue to take thorough measures with the highest priority on infection prevention and safety, so we ask for your understanding.

July 28, 2021 Dearstage Co., Ltd. Perfect Music Co., Ltd.