[Release Event Information] 2021.08.28 (Sat) "Forever and Ever" Release Commemorative Event Mini Live & Bonus Event



[Rainy Solaris "Forever and Ever" Release Commemorative Event Mini Live & Bonus Event]


[Date and time] Saturday , August 28, 2021 START 15:00 (Meeting: 14:30)

[Venue] Tower Records Nagoya Parco Store Event space

[Details] Mini live & privilege party

[Inquiries] Tower Records Nagoya Parco Store (TEL: 052-264-8545)



2021/8/25 release

"Forever and Ever" Part number: DSPM-1 Price: 1,650 (tax included)



We will give you one "Bonus Ticket" for each purchase of the target product.


1 award ticket ・ ・ ・ 2 shot check (with date sign)

2 award tickets ・ ・ ・ 2 shot check (with date sign and message)

3 award tickets ・ ・ ・ Enclosed check (without signature)


* Please be sure to wear a mask when participating in the special event.

* Signs and talks will be performed with the droplet prevention sheet sandwiched between them.

* Please keep a sufficient interval when shooting.

* Contents are subject to change in a hurry.


【way to participate】

On the day of the event 13: at Tower Records Nagoya Parco store than 30, we will pass it as "with reference number admission ticket" and "Reward Certificate" in the first arrival to customers who have purchased the above-mentioned items.

* One "admission ticket with reference number" will be given to each person.

* After the distribution of the "Admission ticket with reference number" is completed, only the "Bonus ticket" will be handed over.

* Please note that you cannot re-arrange and hand over multiple "admission tickets with reference numbers".

* The number of the "admission ticket with reference number" will be given at random.

* Please note that it is not possible to secure "admission tickets with reference numbers" and "privilege tickets" by reserving or reserving the target products.

* Only those who have a "bonus ticket" can participate in the bonus event.

* If the event lasts for a long time, it may end in the middle.

* "Admission ticket with reference number" and "Bonus ticket" are valid only on the day of the event.

* Please note that if the "admission ticket with reference number" or "privilege ticket" is lost, stolen or damaged, it will not be reissued.

* Please note that we cannot accept any cancellations or refunds after purchase. In addition, defective products discovered after purchasing the product will be replaced with non-defective products.



■ Request to participating customers

With the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the management side is paying close attention to the event as a preventive measure. Please understand the purpose of preventing the spread of infection, consider health and safety, and cooperate with the following measures in event management.

* Temperature measurement, alcohol disinfection, and wearing a mask are mandatory when entering the venue. Please do not remove the mask during the event. Please note that those who do not wear a mask cannot participate.

* On the day of the event, the customer will be measured with a non-contact thermometer. Please note that we do not allow customers with a body temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher, or customers with cold symptoms such as fever or cough, or customers with symptoms such as suffocation. If you are worried about your physical condition, please do not overdo it.

* If you have any symptoms such as fever, cough, or general pain, please be sure to contact a medical institution before coming to the venue and consult a designated medical institution.

* As part of the prevention of the spread of the new corona infection, please access from the QR code posted in the event space and register (1) your name, (2) phone number, and (3) email address. At the time of admission, we will confirm the registration details by reply email after registration. The information you provide will be used for the purpose of notifying customers (provided to health centers, etc., if necessary) in the unlikely event that a new coronavirus-infected person occurs among the visitors. We will responsibly dispose of the registered personal information one month after the event date. Please note that registration is required to participate in the event.

* Please refrain from talking in the venue as much as possible to prevent droplets. The call will also be NG.

* Please view the event space at the position instructed by the staff. You cannot move to another location during a live performance.

* Please note that the event may be canceled or postponed or the content may be changed in a hurry depending on the future situation. In that case, please note that we will inform you on the homepage etc. by the day.


* All acts of shooting, recording and recording of artists with cameras, video cameras, mobile phones with cameras, etc. are prohibited unless instructed by the staff.

* Sit-in in the hall and inconvenience to business stores are strictly prohibited.

* Please cooperate in securing space for passage.

* Call and response and jumps are prohibited.

* Please refrain from viewing while sitting on a stepladder, stand, or seat.

* It is totally prohibited to take a place with seats or luggage. We will remove it as soon as it is found. In addition, the organizer, venue, and performers are not responsible for the removed items or the items that have been left unattended.

* It is prohibited to stay up all night.

* Please do not make noise around the venue. It may cause the event to be cancelled.

* In order to ensure the safety of visitors, the content of the event may change due to the congestion of the venue.

* The event on the day may be unavoidably canceled due to weather, disasters, various circumstances, etc.

* Customers are responsible for transportation and accommodation expenses to the venue. Even if the event is canceled, there is no change.

* Please manage your valuables and baggage at your own risk.

* The organizer, venue, and performers are not responsible for accidents or thefts that occur inside or outside the venue without following the instructions and precautions of the staff.

* Please take your garbage home with you.


As mentioned above, if you find any behavior that goes against the precautions, or if you do not follow the instructions of the staff on the day, you may be asked to cancel or leave the event.