[Release Event Information] 2021.08.29 (Sun) Rainy Solaris "Forever and Ever" Release Commemorative Special Live Event to be Held



A special live event to commemorate the release of Solaris "Forever and Ever" in the rain

Date: 2021.08.29 (Sun)

Venue: Umeda Zeela

Time: OP17: 00 / ST 17:30

Ticket fee: Free (only 1D fee will be charged in advance)

* Application required / Ticket reference number will be random.

Please apply from here

Reception period: From 8/25 18:00

No re-entry / Tickets required for ages 6 and up * Please be sure to wear a mask when entering and inside the venue. Those who do not wear it will be refused admission. * Temperature will be measured at the entrance. Those with symptoms such as fever, cough and malaise above 37.5 ° C will be refused admission. * Please disinfect your hands with alcohol when you enter or participate in the special event. * Please refrain from cheering by calling, mixing, etc., viewing outside your own seat, dangerous acts such as dive, surf, mosh, lift, etc., and acts that disturb other viewers. * In principle, shooting, recording, and recording are prohibited for this performance. * Please minimize conversations and contacts between customers in the venue. * After the performance, you may be subject to restricted exit. * Please purchase tickets on the premise that you will cooperate with various infection control measures.