[Online Event Information] 2021.09.28 (Tuesday) "Appetite! Sports! Fun Autumn" Online Bonus Event!



2021.09.28 (Tue)

It has been decided to hold an online privilege party for Solaris "Appetite! Sports! Fun Autumn" in the rain.



* In holding the Internet distribution event, both the performing artists and staff will thoroughly implement temperature measurement, alcohol disinfection, indoor ventilation, etc. as measures against infectious diseases.

Thank you for your understanding.



[Date and time]

2021 September 28 (Tuesday) 20:00 -




Solaris in the rain


Cast Members: eat child / Koizumi Y / SeinoMiya Anna / KamiSakiMasashi / Izumi Tojo


* Performers are subject to change.

* The start time is subject to change.

* Registration on the day of delivery may end without notice.




Solaris in the rain




You Koizumi


Anna Kiyonomiya


Miyabi Kanzaki


Izumi Tojo


Solo Cheki with special card board ( Hello Autumn ) 3,300 yen ( tax included )

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[Bonus content]

We will send you a solo checkered by the member you want, packed in a special card board with your name, autograph, and handwritten message.


On the day, we will deliver the pattern of writing the autograph live.

* Please enter the address ( nickname ) from "Purchase procedure".

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[Distribution channel]

Solaris in the Rain Official YouTube

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* Archive distribution is also planned, so you can see it from there at a later date.



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